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About Us

Local Expertise, Professional Results

Iron Property Management was founded to be a provider of world-class property management services that bridge the gap between tenant and owner.

Firsthand experience has proven that cultivating trusted, reliable relationships is equally important to both owners and tenants.

We earn our reputation for exceptional service, trust and reliability every day. This operating philosophy is consistently reinforced throughout the organization, and has generated strong business growth with a reputation as one of the most respected and trusted property management companies in the region.


Grant Souviron


A lifelong resident of Coral Gables, Florida, Grant Souviron earned two Florida State University Bachelor degrees, one in International Affairs with emphasis in Business, and the second in Spanish Language. He is currently earning a 2015 Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Miami.

Grant’s professional designations include State of Florida real estate broker and vacation rental licenses; Professional Property Management Executive (PPME); and Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE).

After earning his undergraduate degrees, Grant accepted a position in Costa Rica as a management team member of a major luxury resort developer. Within a short time, his leadership and decision-making skills were recognized with a promotion. Grant excelled in leading a team in the successful development of a marina and hotel as a pilot project for the larger development.

Upon returning to the U.S., Grant secured his Florida real estate license, and launched a new and complementary aspect of his career by managing client-owned investment real estate portfolios, and personally investing in both Costa Rica and U.S. real estate ventures. Past and current, client and personal investment portfolios include residential, multi-family, commercial and “green” property real estate.

In 2008, Grant founded Iron Property Management with a vision and determination to establish a firm with an unparalleled reputation for integrating all aspects of an innovative business model dedicated to customized customer services. In all business ventures, Grant’s practices and operational philosophy clearly demonstrate the consistent application of his knowledge and experience, and strengthens the core focus of his education.

Widely recognized for integrity, sound real estate business and management acumen, Grant has excellent interpersonal relationship skills, an energetic diligence, and a commitment to outstanding service. He thrives on the challenges and opportunities ahead as he leads, develops and grows the unique organization he founded.



  • Rental Market Analysis
    You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your area’s rental market to provide comparisons and help you determine the highest possible rate for your property.

  • Property Analysis
    Your property will be inspected by a skilled market analyst, who will prepare a detailed report, including suggestions for preventive maintenance, repairs or property improvements to enhance your property’s market appeal and rental rate.

  • Marketing Package
    Your property marketing package will include photographs accompanied by a complete property description on our website and, if you wish, a virtual property tour through our website links. We will advertise your vacancies online through our exclusive access to other listing sites (including Trulia, Zillow, Hot Pads, Rent Match and Homes.com).

  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening
    For each potential tenant, you will receive results of a nationwide eviction search, gleaned from national, state, and county court records, including unrecorded judgments. You will receive results of a nationwide criminal search, including the Megan’s Law registered sex offender and OFAC terrorist watch lists. You will also receive the tenant’s FICO score, credit history and other public records provided by Experian.

  • Lease Preparation
    You will receive a custom lease for each property we manage for you, crafted based on the property type and your specific ownership criteria.

  • Property Unit(s) Inspections
    Your property unit(s) will be routinely inspected to ensure upkeep, maintenance, safety issues and cleanliness. Fire safety systems will be inspected annually or upon request.

  • Property Maintenance
    Your property will be maintained by qualified, in-house technicians who can manage most repairs. Our technicians adhere to a high standard of workmanship and professionalism, ensuring the job is properly completed the first time. For projects beyond their areas of expertise, we maintain a comprehensive list of trusted vendors.

  • Rent Payments and Disbursement
    You will receive direct rental payment deposits in your specified account. We maintain records of tenant payment histories, and routinely report them to Experian. This is a beneficial service to tenants who submit rent on time, and a deterrent for those who don’t.

  • Collections
    Collection of late rental payments will be managed in-house. Late payment penalties will be imposed according to policy for tenants in default.

  • Accounting and Reporting
    Our sophisticated accounting platform facilitates transparency. Your owner’s portal will give you instant access to your property reports, with receipts. Routine as well as year-end reports (detailing income and expenses for tax preparation) will also be published on your owner’s portal.

  • Evictions
    If you choose to move forward with eviction, we will provide service of a three-day notice to the appropriate tenant, and prepare a case file for review by an attorney of your choice.

  • Tenant Retention
    The most significant loss in rental property ownership is vacancy. Maintaining well-balanced, positive relationships with tenants is inherent to retaining tenancy. We are available for dispute resolution and 24-hour emergency service, and are diligent in lease renewal follow up.